This week’s discussion question will require the use of the JASP statistical software package ( which may be downloaded from
You will use JASP to perform a one-sample t-test and then write the resulting information into the following APA
template for a one-sample t-test result:
The walkthrough for performing the t-test in JASP is at Work through the walkthrough (using JASP) and transfer the result of the
walkthrough into the APA template.
In a post, share the following:
1. The results of working through the walkthrough using the APA template.
2. State the null and alternative hypotheses.
3. State whether you rejected the null hypothesis. Justify your action!
4. What is the 95% confidence interval (95%CI) of importance? Why?
5. A summary of your experience using JASP.
6. A few concepts, ideas, or things, you would like to take away from this experience

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