As the text discusses, there are lots of ways that stereotypes can develop and get reinforced. Let’s see if we can find some examples of
Select a TV or movie and identify an example of stereotype reinforcement in either a character or plot element.

What to post?

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Do not begin by Googling “stereotype in media” and copying from the internet. Challenge yourself to watch a TV shows or movie you have seen before with your new knowledge and identify a stereotype in either a character or behavioral scene. Then, post your assessment of the following:

What is the stereotype and how is it reinforced?
In your opinion, what is the effect of such a portrayal? Explain your position.
Why do you think the media relies on stereotypes?
If possible, post a pic or clip related to what you analyzed. For example, I posted a pic above of the character Apu from the Simpsons, who some have




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