Students will research and write a short essay (i.e., minimum of 4 full double-s

Students will research and write a short essay (i.e., minimum of 4 full double-spaced pages)
proposing criminal justice reforms that would create a just justice system. The focus can be
either sector-based (e.g., policy, courts, corrections, community-based services) or issue
focused (e.g., harm reduction approaches to drug use) at the local (i.e., lower mainland) or
national (i.e., Canada) level. The focus must be on Canada, and the research should have a
problem-solving focus and suggest practical changes that would improve meaningfully equal
and equitable access to justice
• You must meaningfully integrate at least four (4) sources into short paper #2. Two (2) of these sources must be peer reviewed journal articles. The remaining two (2) or more can be peer reviewed journals or other credible sources, such as government websites/reports/documents and books.
o All of the above noted sources need to be external to the course. Course resources (e.g., articles posted in the weekly modules) can be used but do not count toward this requirement.
o You must also meaningfully integrate the required course text, but this does not count toward to minimum source requirement notice above. Including the course text, you will have a minimum of five (5) sources.
• Make sure the sources you select are credible. If you have difficulty evaluating the credibility of your source(s) the instructor is available to assist.
• Sources you CANNOT use under any circumstances, and penalties will be applied if they are used: