Study of Human Behavior and the Social Environment


Individuals emerge from many diverse cultures, backgrounds, groups, and communities. Also, some may face
many challenges including inequalities and issues with social injustices over their life span. It is important for
social workers to have an understanding of the reasons why people behave the way they do. Understanding
how individuals behave in interaction with the environment will assist social workers in shedding light on how
they respond to their challenges. However, that alone is not enough. Social workers must possess knowledge
and skills necessary for conceptualizing and understanding the interaction between individuals and social
contextual variables. Understanding the interactions between the social environment and individual behavior
will help achieve the well-being of your clients.
Require Readings:
Hutchison, E. D. (2019). Dimensions of human behavior: The changing life course (6th ed.). Thousand Oaks,
CA: Sage Publications.
• Chapter 1, “A Life Course Perspective” (pp. 1–32)
Response to the following questions, using 7th Edition APA citation and references.
• What did you know about the study of human behavior in the social environment prior to this class or before
reviewing the course readings?
• What role do you think social workers have in understanding human behavior in the social environment?
• What is your understanding of the role of human behavior in social work?
• What roles do particular worldviews play in your understanding of social work practice?


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