Suketu Mehta’s book, This Land Is Our Land


Topic: In Suketu Mehta’s book, This Land Is Our Land…, in Chapter 14, “The Refugee As Pariah,” Mehta
writes, “Trump wants to deport some 12 to 20 million people, the majority of them nonwhites….This is not
immigration control. This is ethnic cleansing” (171). Based on what you’ve read in this book and what you’ve
observed/experienced, agree or disagree with Mehta’s claim that the mass deportations from the U.S. are a
form of “ethnic cleansing.” Support your response with examples from your experience and observations and
from your textbook. Use at least one quote from the book. Do NOT use any other sources for this essay.
Terms: Ethnic: your race, your heritage, your identity
Cleansing: getting rid of, wiping out, eradicating
Ethnic Cleansing: Getting rid of people based on their ethnicity. E.g., the Holocaust, the Chinese Exclusion Act,
the Armenian Genocide, Slavery, the Rwandan Genocide, the “Killing Fields” of Cambodia under the leader Pol
Pot, the Japanese Internment Camps, Native Americans segregated on reservations.


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