Supply chain | Economics homework help

 The task is individual

The deliverable has to be a report: 2,500-3,000 words.

The weight is equivalent to 40% of the overall grade

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.The report has to be delivered in Turnitin during Week 7 and before the end of week 23.59 CEST. 

Harvard Referencing System has to be used.

 Pick up one company from the following list


•VW Wolsfburg












1)Briefly describe the company (shareholders, products/services provided, sales figures, recent evolution)and identify its supply chain

2)Discuss how the selected company achieves a balance between Supply chain arrangements and consumer value

3)Identify their Supply Chain

4)Describe each of the three parts of this SC


        b.Manufacturing or creation of services

        c.Distribution channels

 5)Make a critical analysis of each of them and of the supply chain as a whole

6)Discuss availability in logistics customer service and provide examples of the different ways to monitor the company’s performance in availability