Supporting Mobile Health Clinics The Children’s Health Fund of New York City


The article is an essay that will base its discussion on the case study titled “Supporting Mobile Health Clinics: The Children’s Health Fund of New York City”. The paper will primarily take into account the implementation challenges and technologies put into consideration to meet the challenges as they articulate in the case study in a broader perspective.

Supporting mobile health clinic, we find that Irwin Redlener and singer/ songwriter Paul Simon established what we today refer to as children’s health fund (CHF). Irwin Redlener advocated for affordable and quality childcare throughout the United States of America (USA). Children health fund institution as we get from the case study is committed to offering health care services to children who are underprivileged through the entire nation.

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From the establishment of the institution, we get numerous implementations such as elimination or rather leveling the impacts of public health issues on disadvantaged children. The other strategy by the institution is promoting the general health and well-being of the children across the nation. Lastly, the other implementation is initiating and giving extensive support to health programs aiming at comprehensive provision of healthcare to the respective children within the United States.

To make a conclusion on the above implementations, we find that there are numerous implications the programs has to the institution regarding children’s health care. The implications drawn from the programs initiated by the organization is that there is a creation of public awareness of the requirements they need to put into consideration. From the case, we also find two main communications or rather connectivity needs to support mobile medical clinics including access to patient data captured previously at another medical facility but not available in the patient record system. The other communication is accessing personnel from another medical facility for either an emergency referral or consult.

Additionally, from the case, we find that numerous challenges are encountered in the institution which includes data security, network availability and reliability, on-site support and lastly data rate and latency. To solve these challenges, we find the organization deploying some steps that if applied appropriately would lead to the well-functioning of the institution as per the anticipation of the co-founders and its objectives. The solution or rather technologies considered in curbing the challenges in the case of data security is through encryption of user data at the database server level. It is also noted that additional network channeling and encryption is also of more significance for patient data protection at the network level.

The other technology in place to solve the other challenges which are network availability and reliability is the practice of remote access to data and patients’ needs is made available at any time that it is of great need. The other challenge that articulates in the case is an on-site support which needs to be looked upon for the effectiveness of the provision of health care to homeless or rather unprivileged children. The solution to this challenge is the full application of MMCs, which supports the high-quality delivery of primary care to the homeless children.


From the case much is looked on the establishment of children’s health fund (CHF) which was established by Irwin Redlener and singer/ songwriter Paul Simon to ensure that the homeless or rather the unprivileged children are given the most appropriate health care services in the United States. The article in broader perspective brings into account much on the challenges and some of the solutions taken into consideration to help solve them out.

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