Supreme Court


Discuss the U.S Supreme Court First, discuss the US Supreme Court – there are 9 Justices
to interpret the constitution for an entire nation of more than 350 million people, should there be more Justices?
or would additional Justices simply make the process slower and create a situation where decisions cannot be
reached? President Biden has again sent mixed messages about adding more Justices to the Court. Check out
a couple of articles on the subject….
Political Science research indicates that the Court generally makes decision that are in alignment with the
majority of the views in the country – is this a good thing or should the Court be making the “tough” decisions
when the elected offices (Pres and Congress) do not? Should we consider changing the tenure from a life
appointment to something limited with no possibility of reappointment? Back in the “old” days – people did not
live as long, so a life appointment was much shorter than today. What would be the positives and negatives of
changes to the Supreme Court’s tenure?

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