T-test study


The t-test analysis procedure includes multiple types of techniques including the pooled t-test, paired samples ttest, and the independent samples t-test. This data analytical procedure is commonly used in several fields
including business, organizational psychology, marketing, management, communication, and health for
hypothesis testing purposes. By using this statistical approach, we can compare two independent variables or
groups to each other on any given dependent variable that we are interested in investigating.
First, begin by viewing the video of this hypothetical Gift study using the independent samples t-test approach
by vising the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25dZYeXFMzo
Second, after viewing the video, brainstorm your own hypothetical study using any of the t-test procedures, and
address the following questions.
*What business or social issue would you address in your study?
*What two groups would you compare against each other (e.g., 2 countries, 2 companies, 2 stocks, 2 groups
(high income vs. low income), sex (men vs. women), etc.) in your study? (Note: The groups in the study are
called independent variables)
*What would be the dependent variable in your study? (Note: In t-test procedures, you can only have 1 DV, but
if you have 2 DVs, you need to run two different t-test analyses). For example, job satisfaction, salary, customer
sales, grade point average, etc. By selecting the DV, you can frame the survey questions so that participants can
take them (e.g., how satisfied are you with your job, what is your annual salary, what is your grade point
average, etc.)
*What would be the null hypothesis (Ho) claim or question and what would be your alternative hypothesis (Ha)
claim or question about the difference among the groups you selected?
*How would you collect the data (e.g., online using survey software/Qualtrics, paper format, or a combination)?
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*What would be the real-world implications of rejecting the null hypothesis of your study? Or, what would we
learn if we were to reject the null hypothesis?


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