Task Description This assessment task enables you to deeply engage with the literature around the management of an acutely ill patient.

Assessment details
Assessment task 1 Essay
Task Description This assessment task enables you to deeply engage with the literature around the
management of an acutely ill patient. You must select a patient for the essay who has experienced a
significant deterioration in their clinical condition that has impacted upon at least one of their body systems.
Examples could be where the respiratory or cardiovascular system has been affected, or where you had a
patient with sepsis. In constructing the paper, select one management strategy used to address the problem the
patient experienced to cause the alteration in the affected body system. Discuss in detail the strategy and link
this to the altered physiology, so that you can show the marker you understand the relationship between the
problem and the management. At all times you must maintain patient confidentiality by assigning the person
a pseudonym and not disclosing personal identifying information. Please note that no patient details are
required, and it is your interpretation of the management of the patient’s physiological status that is examined.
There is no need to include patient’s test results unless significant to the case. Please do not include diagrams,
pictures or tables in the essay, it is your role to interpret the information, not reproduce data. Ethics approval
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CNA772 Interpreting Patient Deterioration
from health care institutions are not required as you are not providing any identifying information, nor patient
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specifics. Throughout the paper use evidence-informed literature that is no more than five years since
publication. A minimum often references should be used to support your writing, using Harvard style
Assessment Cntena Please note the marking rubric is in the MyLO Assessment Resource folder Measures
Intended Learning Outcome:
Criterion 1 (10 marks) Selects a patient with the required health related acuity and presents work that shows
critical analysis of the selected patient management 1.3
Criterion 2 (1 mark) Demonstrates the ability to describe relevant aspects of the case abiding by ethical
Criterion 3 (25 marks) Comprehensively describes and relates the relevant management of the problem and
relates this comprehensively to the altered pathophysiology and assessment findings
Criterion 4 (10 marks) Demonstrates critical engagement with the relevant evidence-informed research 1
Criterion 5 (4 marks) Writes clearly in an appropriate academic style and structure and backs up claims by
referring to academic literature and references appropriately using Harvard style as required by the School of
Nursing. Utilizes correct English conventions (spelling, grammar, and punctuation) ‘.3
Task length 2,ooo words
Due by date 03 May by 0900