Team Communication

Case Study: You are a manager and your boss has asked you to give a presentation about
communication to members of your team. Your team’s communication skills are generally good, but
you and your boss feel that these skills can be improved. You are an expert in the field of business
communication, having successfully undertaken a Unit in Effective Business Communications. Each
member of the group may pick one of the following areas:
1. Organisational communication
2. Small group/Team Communication
3. Intercultural Communication
Having chosen a general area, you must then narrow the area to focus upon a specific topic or area
within the general area. For example, if you have chosen to focus upon organisational communication,
you could narrow the area to focus upon the topic of informal internal organisational communication.
A broad focus on the general area will not result is a ‘high’ mark for this assessment. It is a good idea
to consult with your tutor/lecturer about your topic—either in your Zoom lecture/tutorial/workshop or
via email. You will need to identify 5 academic journal articles about your chosen topic. These
articles will be discussed in the Individually Written Report and serve as evidentiary support within
the presentation. Within your part of the presentation, you will need to include the following
1. The first part of your individual main point will define and explain the communication topic.
2. The second part of your individual main point will discuss the significance of the topic in terms of
effective business communication practices.
Assessment Weight: This assessment is worth 55% of your overall mark for this unit
Groups: During the week three tutorial you will be able to sign up to be one member of a group of
three. You may only present with those individuals enrolled within your tutorial—no exceptions.
Failure to sign up for a group will result in your final mark being delayed. If you have not done so,
please sign up to a group. There is a tutorial/workshop forum set up so you can ‘meet’ others
enrolled. Participating in this forum may help you find other people with whom you wish to work.