Terminal electron-accepting processes

b) “Defend” this by determining the thermodynamic favorability of these different terminal electron-accepting processes, assuming the potential terminal electron-accepting processes would be aerobic respiration (O2 reduction), Mn(IV) (pyrolusite) reduction (to Mn2+), Fe(III) (ferrihydrite) reduction (to Fe2+), sulfate reduction (so sulfide), and methanogenesis. Before calculating the energetic favorability of these processes, produce balanced reactions depicting these terminal electron-accepting processes based on H2 as the electron donor (be sure to normalize all reactions on the basis of one mole of H2).

c) Explain how the thermodynamic favorability of the different terminal electron-accepting processes. A table that includes ∆G0f related to this question is provided at the end of the exam.

d) Why might it be “scientifically defensible” to use H2 for these calculations, and not benzene?

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Requirements: long enough to show the work and drawings and answer the questions.


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