The ‘built environment’


Public spaces that convene the common host further opportunity for economic activity and
provide services such as waste collection points access to toilets would greatly add to the prosper
of Makers Valley. Can you come up with innovate
ways of integrating new public spaces into the existing urban environment?
Search: The ‘built environment’ is a phrase used to describe the public spaces, healthcare
facilities, schools, markets and shops that people need to have access to for a healthy and thriving society. As mo
and more of the world’s population live in cities, the built environment should create spaces where people feel saf
and secure and can happily live their lives
Public infrastructure should not only accommodate essential services, but also provide opportunities for people to
socialize and engage in income generating activities. All the spaces and buildings that enable these opportunities
have to be designed, constructed and maintained.
The built environment of Makers Valley shapes residents’ and visitors’ experience of the place. As with any urban
setting, the built environment influences aspirations, sense of self-worth, safety and security. As an inner city local
with a history of light industry the built environment in Makers Valley is characterized by residential streets
interspersed with industrial units and shops housing an eclectic range of businesses and manufacturing.
In Makers Valley, the built environment is being renewed by initiatives such as the Victoria Yards development. W
ideas can you come up with to improve the existing buildings and public spaces to meet the future needs, whilst
being inclusive of the whole community?

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