The consultancy firm aims to assist on theUnited Nation Sustainable Development

The consultancy firm aims to assist on the
United Nation Sustainable Development Goal 12: sustainable consumption and production
In-depth knowledge will be exhibited by your analysis of the institution in the context of the
chosen UN SDG; evaluation of the institution’s current state in terms of the UN SDGs; and
the creation of a bespoke program for your chosen institution to excel in achieving the UN SDGs.
Write the report on the economic aspect only*
Some information about the consultancy firm:
consultancy firm which provides assessments, policy, planning, and management advice to help local businesses (particularly small businesses) to operate in a sustainable way
revise and update the current sustainability process
As well act as a bridge to connect local businesses and sustainable suppliers
You can look for some related Australian environment policy, economies of scale, explain how environment-conscious lead to profit, look for any related information or stat globally, or do some scenario analysis
I’ll provide more update if I receive any more information