see attachment book PDF and instructions
Catching Fire: The second book in THE HUNGER GAMES
Answer each below each category is in bold.
1. Summary: Provide a summary of Part 2: Catching Fire.
2. Exposition: Write the setting and inciting incident
• Where did it happen?
• How about when??
3. Main Characters: (Write min 3 sentences on each.)
• Katniss Everdeen
• Peeta Malik
• Choose Another character
• Choose Another character
4. Climax: What is the turning point of this story. Give details on how the story has changed. Remember, this is the most exciting part of the story, usually found toward the end of the book. Find a quote from the book and provide a page number.
5. Resolution: How is the Climax answered. How does the story end. Is it a happy ending? How do you feel? Find a quote from the book and provide the page number.
6. What’s the book’s main message?
7. Review: Write your review here. Would you recommend this book?