The ideas of Lev Vygotsky

The ideas of Lev Vygotsky
First, watch the video on Lev Vygotsky’s Zone Of Proximal Development at
Then, carefully read the attached documents (titled Fishing and Vygotsky, Scaffolding, and Make Believe Play from the journal Young Children on the subjects of Lev Vygotsky, scaffolding, and the zone of proximal development.
Once you have reviewed all the resources, your task is to write a structured response paper on the ideas of Lev Vygotsky. Your paper should include the following sections (please number them clearly):
1. Definitions: In your words, define and explain the terms Zone of Proximal Development, Scaffolding, and Cooperative Learning
2. Examples: In at least one page, describe two examples of scaffolded learning you have experienced. These examples can include instances in which you were the learner, or instances in which you been the more experienced “teacher” and helped someone else learn something. Ideally, at least one of these scenarios involves an interaction with a child.
3. Implications: In at least one page, discuss what the zone of proximal development means for early childhood education. Specifically, how should learning experiences be structured? How should the environment be designed? How can teachers encourage cooperative learning?
4. References: One primary goal of this assignment is for students to practice APA skills as they use the journal articles provided. Your paper should reference these three journal articles in the body of the paper correctly, and include at least one quote from each article. You should also have a reference page that includes a perfectly formatted reference for each article. Please pay special attention to spacing and italics.


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