The normal duration of pregnancy


1. What is the normal duration of pregnancy?

2. What do mean by the word “Term” and “Preterm”?

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3.What does the word “Amenorrhea” mean?
4.Calculate the EDC for the following LMP dates using Naegle’s rule
1) 16th July 2017 ————————————————————————–

2) 13th April 2017 —————————————————————————-

3) 1st December 2016 —————————————————————————-

4) 28th April 2017 —————————————————————————-

5) 16th June 2016 —————————————————————————-
3. Estimate the gestational age for the following scenarios.
A. First day of LMP- March 10, 2020; Date of assessment -August 10, 2020
B. First day of LMP- August 20, 2020; Date of assessment-December 10, 2020.
C. First day of LMP- December 8, 2020; Date of assessment -February 10, 2021.
D. First day of LMP- January 12, 2019; Date of assessment – July 10, 2019.
E. First day of LMP- June 24, 2020; Date of assessment – January 20, 2021.
4. Find the Apgar score for the newborn in the following scenario.
A. You are assessing the one minute APGAR score for a newborn. She is pink all over and has a pulse of 130. As you dry her off she begins to cry vigorously and kick her legs. Her APGAR score is?
B. A neonatal patient has a pink color, a pulse rate of 102, and a respiration rate of 27. She grimaces in response to stimuli, has limited muscle movement. This newborn has an APGAR score of?
C. A newborn has a strong cry and is actively moving his blue extremities when stimulated. Vital signs are P140, R48. What is his APGAR score?
Third Trimester
Mrs. Nadia is an unmarried, 20-year-old nulliparous woman beginning her third trimester. The father of the baby is actively involved in the pregnancy and plans to help Mrs. Nadia during labor and with the parenting of their child.
1. The nurse practitioner assesses Mrs. Nadia’s current health status. Outline the components of the health history, physical examination, laboratory testing, and fetal assessment.
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2. Mrs. Nadia asks the nurse whether there is anything that she can do to determine whether her baby is “doing okay or is having problems.” How should the nurse respond?
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3. While the nurse examines her abdomen, Mrs. Nadia tells the nurse that she occasionally experiences burning in her chest area after meals. How should the nurse respond?

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4. Mrs. Nadia asks the nurse whether she and her partner should attend childbirth classes, especially because they are not married. “We have been watching videos and reading books about labor and what to do. We have even been practicing some of the techniques recommended.” State the nursing diagnosis reflective of Mrs. Nadia’s comment, one expected outcome, and appropriate nursing measures.

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5. Why would it be helpful for Mrs. Nadia and her partner to begin to get things ready for the baby, including deciding about a feeding method and finding a health care provider for the baby? How can the nurse assist in this process?

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6. When Mrs. Nadia is at 32 weeks of gestation, she complains of having difficulty sleeping even though she is tired. She asks for a prescription for a sleeping pill. How should the nurse respond to Mrs. Nadia’s request?
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