The purpose of this three-page

The purpose of this three-page essay is for students to explain functioning of brain areas and describe potential consequences from brain trauma, taking into consideration research and faith integration. (CLO 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). This Essay is worth up to 100 points.
A successful essay will address the following areas:
Introduction (1 paragraph): Briefly introduce the reader to the topic, using citations when necessary. Outline what will be covered in the paper.
Literature Review:
Four Lobes of the Brain
Identify each lobe, explain where it is located in the brain, and describe its function
Brain Trauma
For each of the four lobes, discuss what consequences might happen if there was brain damage. For example, if the occipital lobe was injured due to trauma or disease, how might this impact the individual? Cover areas of behavioral changes, cognitive changes, and emotional changes for each of the four lobes.
Faith Integration (2 paragraphs):
Reflect on the prior sections through the lens of the Christian worldview. If a person experiences consequences from brain damage, how might that impact their understanding of or expression of faith?
Lastly, society often focuses on the abilities/productivity of a person; however, Jesus viewed the needs of others with compassion. How might Christians provide support for those who are suffering from brain damage/disease? Include at least two scriptures to support your perspective.
Paper Requirements
Paper must be three to four pages in length
APA Formatted (Title page, No Abstract required, Reference Page)
Subheaders are required (Introduction paragraph is not labeled; however, the remaining sections must be labeled).
A minimum of three peer-reviewed sources (no websites) are required. The textbook can be used as one of the three sources.


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