The vitamin c content of kales


How is vitamin c content of kales affected by cooking temperature as
measured by iodometric titration?

This is a research paper for chemistry, you can research more about it only by just typing “IB Chemistry IA”.
Please write the whole paper in simple simple language.
The two main variables in this research are cooking temperature and vitamin c content of kales. The research
shall employ an experimental design where the content of vitamin c in kales shall be measured at various
cooking temperatures. Iodometric titration shall be used to measure the content of vitamin c in the kales at
various temperatures. This will help determine whether the content of vitamin c in kales is affected by
temperature changes. The research findings will also help to determine the optimum temperature at which
kales can be cooked for it to retain the maximum possible vitamin c content and ensure maximum nutritional
value is obtained from the consumption of kales and other vegetables.
This is an experimental research paper. If you do the experiment please take some pictures and put an
appendix proof as you did the experiment.
Intro: Background info, aim, and research question
Experimental Design/ Methodology: Variables, safety, ethical and environmental concerns.
Data collection and processing: qualitative and quantitative data
Data processing and error propagation
conclusion, evaluation, and improvements. Extension and further research.

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