The Westphalian system of states and how relevant is it today




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1. What is the Westphalian system of states and how relevant is it today?

2. Explain the role of the United Nations in world politics using one of the theories
covered in this course (plz check the lecture notes i sent).

3. Is peace between powerful states possible? Evaluate using either a liberal or
neorealist approach.

4. Why do states want nuclear weapons? Critically discuss this question, applying a
neorealist analysis. (demonstrate in two perspective)

5. How does a Marxist approach to IR help us to understand underdevelopment? Use
one or more examples from contemporary IR to illustrate your point.

6. How does feminist IR approach questions of power? Outline one issue in IR using a
feminist approach.

7. What roles do norms play in the reduction of conflict? You may refer to issues such
as crimes against humanity, war crimes, R2P in your response.

8. What is poststrustructuralist international relations, and does it afford a better
understanding of power in international relations than the other approaches? (This
question can be answered by choosing a contemporary issue and demonstrating the
power of poststructuralism, or by comparing poststructuralism to alternative theories) (200words)


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