These are the teacher’s instructionsDiscussion participation promotes problem

These are the teacher’s instructions:
Discussion participation promotes problem-solving and innovative thinking and helps to build links between words and ideas that make concepts more meaningful. Through participation, you learn to synthesize wide bodies of complex information and to exercise creativity and implement different ways of knowing. At this junction, we have discussed many pertinent and some controversial topics. Now we will take a strong stance on a topic and support our position with relevant documentation. Student Learning Outcomes
Compare and contrast the use of various sociological research methods.
Evaluate the primary sociological perspectives.
Analyze the various social structures and social processes inherent to contemporary society
Be sure to read through all directions before you begin.
In this assignment, you will be creating either a strong argument for (pro) or a strong argument against (con) one of the two provocative questions listed below. This assignment is designed to take two weeks and involves about 2-3 hours of work for each participating student.
Celebrity Culture: Are Americans too focused on or infatuated with celebrities?
Should religion be taught in public schools?
Research the questions and collect relevant evidence from recent studies that will help you evaluate and assess a position. Remember that all sociological arguments must be supported by facts and documentation. You should have at least two references that help in supporting your argument. You will cite your references at the conclusion of your post using either an APA or MLA format.
Step One: Initial Argument
Choose to address one of the two questions listed above.
Do some research on the subject.
Create at least three claims that support your position as pro or con.
Be sure to include in your argument the references you used to help support your position.