TuberculosisDiscuss laboratory methods used for diagnosis.


For the assigned disease you must discuss laboratory methods used for diagnosis.

Evaluate the current method(s) in use in microbiology laboratories, clearly describing the method(s).

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Identify strengths and weaknesses and highlight recent advances that have been implemented or likely to be used in the future.

Information should be mainly sourced from primary journals with results and data section or table resulst.

References must be cited in the text and Harvard referencing style used provide links and access date. Use 12 point Ariel font.

Provide a lot of refrenecs (9 to 12 refrences ) not older than 2016, so from 2016 to 2021.

Search in PudMed and other sources that provides primary reaserch journals.

• Descriptions of conventional laboratory diagnosis

Conventional/currently laboratory diagnosis tests used for the given disease should be clearly described

• Clear and excellent written descriptions of recent advances in laboratory diagnosis

Recent advances in laboratory diagnostic methods for the given disease should be clearly described

• Quality control/assurance

Quality control and assurance procedures should be described for the procedures used to diagnose the given disease

• Evaluation of strengths and weakness of conventional and new technologies

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