Two page 1.5 spacing,due in 15 hours. a food system analysis of the

REQUIREMENT: Finally, in a reflection of ~2-3 pages (using 1.5 spacing), summarize your research process and findings. An informal yet professional tone is expected.  Cite all information from outside sources using AMA formatLinks to an external site.. Describe what you learned from this exercise, considering the following questions:

  • What kinds of inputs (e.g., labor, energy, water, agricultural enhancement) might have contributed to the production of this food?
  • What kind of environmental, occupational, or social health impacts might your food have had on the way? What kind of health impacts might you anticipate for yourself individually and those in the community/proximity of where it is being produced?
  • To what degree did the food labels provide transparency to the inputs, processes, or impacts of your food?

 It should have sections that (a) summarize your overall findings, (b) describe your research approach and process generally, (c) address each of the 3 prompts individually.

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