Warehouse design and Dijkstra’s algorithm

A new warehouse will be built up in Yuen Long of Hong Kong with a size of 250m length x 80m width x 4m height for storing 900 pallet racks. According to what you have learnt in the course, you are required to finish the following tasks.

1. The layout of the warehouse should be designed and planned which should include receiving gate, shipping gate, and sizes of pallet racks.

2. Supposing that 8 pallets are arranged on each rack of 4 aisles in the warehouse, determine the shortest pick path based on the Dijkstra’s algorithm.

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3. Describe and list all the handling equipment needed for the warehouse.

4. Describe the operations of the warehouse, and explain how to elevate the efficiency of the warehouse.


Part (1) totally will be given on the knowledge of warehouse layout design.

Part (2) totally for the layout design of pallet positions, and for the summary of pick paths, and for the illustration of the shortest path.

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