Warehousing Value Activities in Times of Crisis

COVID-19 has dramatically and quickly changed normal life, including how many of us conduct our work – if we are still working at all. Many people have fear of

critical supply chains collapsing.

In these types of situations that are completely unexpected and cause very widespread loss of life. what warehousing activities (including receiving and shipping of

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goods) can provide relief/value to the survivors?

Immediate need
Short term needs
Long term solutions & strategies
For each of these different time frames develop a minimum of three specific value roles warehousing activity could provide in such a situation. Think about what items

will be needed in each specific timeframe, what transportation mode will we use, how will we distribute the goods, and how will the goods be stored in the warehouse?

Write up in paragraphs for each time frame, identifying the value role and fully explaining it in detail.

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