What advice will you give Mrs. Billingsly? 

Case of Mrs. Billingsly
Mrs. Billings is calling the office to ask about whether alternating acetaminophen and ibuprophen for fever in her 6-year-old who was just diagnosed with Influenza She has only ever used acetaminophen but her sister-in-law insists alternating the two is better. She specifically concerned about the safety of combining the two and whether alternating the two medications do a better job of keeping the temp down than one alone.    He currently has a temp of 101.7 using an ear thermometer. What advice will you give Mrs. Billingsly?  (Your advice answer her questions and give the rationale including a citation)  What advise will you give Mrs. Billingsly based on your appraisal of the five articles? Organize your response using the following table. Add or delete rows as necessary. Be sure to address each of the concerns mentioned by Mrs. Billingsly (in the scenario above).

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