What do future students need to know?




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What do future students need to know? As your high school years now come to a close, think back on the last
several years and consider the topics you have covered in all of your subjects. Then consider the world around
you now and select a topic, issue, person, or event that is important to you, but that was not covered in your
formal studies. Develop an argument to support the claim that this topic, issue, person, or event should be
included in future high school instruction, that its details and significance should be heard and remembered. In
order to prepare for your presentation, consider how best to meet the needs of the audience, purpose, and
occasion by employing the following:
elements of classical speeches, including introduction, body, transitions, and conclusion
the art of persuasion and rhetorical devices
appropriate use of formal or informal language as well as purposeful vocabulary, tone, and voice
visual aids that support information presented, including citations and a Works Cited list for any information
obtained from outside sources
speaking techniques, such as eye contact, appropriate speaking rate and volume, pauses for effect,
enunciation, purposeful gestures, and appropriate conventions of language. WORK CITIED
At the end of this project, as an extension to your oral project, you will write a letter to a teacher or school
administrator explaining why you think adding your chosen topic, issue, person, or event to the curriculum is

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