What is strategic management? When I think of the word strategy or the word strategic, I think of dirt! Strategy has as its root, the word “strata” which means layers. The term is most used in geology when looking at layers of dirt or layers of “strata” and each layer gives information about a specific era of time

The company I pick to talk about is eBay these are the instructions…. 1Strategic Management Team Case Study Instructions for BA-451-E01, Spring 2021.What is management? What is strategic management? When I think of the word strategy or the word strategic, I think of dirt! Strategy has as its root, the word “strata” which means layers. The term is most used in geology when looking at layers of dirt or layers of “strata” and each layer gives information about a specific era of time. Therefore, it is with “strata” management or strategic management. There are different layers of management that give specific information to managers that aid in helping to better “plan” for effectively running a business or any organization. In addition, management simply means “thinking intelligently about your circumstances all the time”. Moreover, when you are strategic about it, you are even more so thinking intelligently about your circumstances all the time! The purpose of Strategic Management Case Studies is to give the student an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to articulate their understanding of strategic management concepts and practical application of these concepts. The case study will give the student the opportunity to integrate the information from the core coursework of the business administration program in a cohesive analytical report. This is similar to the CEO of an organization who is responsible for putting together a strategic plan or putting together a report concerning the “health” of the organization; with the help of managers representing the functional divisions within business organizations. This will also provide the instructor the opportunity to evaluate the student’s ability to articulate their thoughts and ideas in writing and orally in a manner that is expected at the undergraduate senior level within a university business administration BS/BA program.Remember, pay attention to details!!!!Team Final Project (Strategic Case Studies)Each team will chose an organization with whom they are familiar and analyze that organization according to the outline below. You have been placed into teams for the course and the teams will be designated: Team A, Team B, Team C, Team D, and Team E. Each team will have their own tab for communications on team case studies. There will be a total of three team case studies accompanied by a Power Point presentation for each case study. Each of the written sections will also be submitted to TurnitIn for plagiarism checks and each team will post their completed final version of the team case study to TurnitIn. One person from each team will be responsible for posting the final version of each of the team case study papers to the designated “TurnitIn” portal for the team when case study assignments are due. Therefore, if there are four teams, there should be only four final team case study papers posted in the designated final submission TurnitIn portal, and so on. However, each team will have a designated “Sectional Submissions” TurnitIn portal to post copies and corrections for sections or “parts” of team assignments that will be completed by members from each team before making the final post of their team assignments (final paper per case study) to the final team TurnitIn portal! There will be two TurnitIn portals available, similar to the TurnitIn portals for the supplemental 2assignments. The TurnitIn portals should be self-explanatory. If not please send me an email with questions for clarity!! For this assignment, there will be written papers for each respective case study. The written paper will also be submitted to Turnitin to check for plagiarism. My recommendation is that each team divides the sections of the outline amongst team members. Each section for which a team member is responsible can be submitted to the appropriate TurnitIn portal (Sectional Submission) to continually check for plagiarism before submitting to your team for final compilation of all sections into one final complete paper! Afterwards, the final and completed paper can be submitted to the appropriate TurnitIn portal (Final Submission). As stated before, the number of final and completed papers that are to be posted to the Final Submissions TurnitIn portal should match the number of teams; meaning that if there are only five teams, then there should only be five papers submitted to the Final Submissions TurnitIn portal!!You have been be given the login instructions to TurnitIn. In addition, there will be a Power Point required along with the written paper! Each team will provide a Power Point with the final and completed version of the team assignments, but you will not post the Power Point to TurnitIn. Power Points will be submitted to the respective Team Assignment’s Tab on Canvas. You should look to achieve no more than a 10% Similarity on your team’s final and completed written case study papers via Turn-It-In.Outline for the Team Papers and Power Point SlidesI. Strategic Profile and Case Analysis purpose (INPUTS and OUTPUTS: Chapters 1-3)II. Situation Analysis (INPUTS and OUTPUTS: Chapters 1-3)a. General environmental analysis (This involves demographic information)b. Industry analysis (Remember the Five Forces Model)c. Competitor analysisIII. (SWOT Analysis): Identification of Environmental Opportunities and Threats (External)and Firm Strengths and Weaknesses (Internal). What are some economic and market indicators that could impact your organization’s ability to compete? In addition, provide the following financial ratios: (1) return on total assets, (2) operating profit margin (or return on sales), (3) net profit margin (or net return on sales), and (4) current ratio.
3IV. Strategy Formulation (Remember Chapters 4-9)a. Current Strategy—Business Level and Corporate Level Strategies, M&A, Alliancesb. Strategic alternativesc. Alternative evaluationd. Alternative choice(In this section, you will identify the strategies discussed in class: business level and corporate level strategies, cooperative strategies, merger and acquisition strategies, and international strategies). V. Strategic Current and Alternative Implementation Strategy (Remember Chapters 10-13)–governance polices, current organizational structure and controls, leadership style.a. Action itemsb. Action plan(Here, you will identify implementation strategies discussed in class in addition to identified strategies discussed in class that included: corporate governance, organizational structures and controls: strategic and financial controls, what kind of leadership is being used, and corporate entrepreneurship, innovation, and strategic competitiveness as part of the Action items and Action plans).Additional Writing Guidelines for the Case Study Papers1. Formatting: The format for the case study written assignments and the Power Point will be in APA 6th Edition. Web links that contain resources for APA formatting have been emailed out to all students in your syllabus in week one. Please use this time to re-familiarize yourselves with this format by following the web links. 2. The Power Point should be in accordance with APA 6th edition formatting. The number of slides will be at the discretion of the team. Make sure that you have enough slides to cover the points within the outline. Make sure that there is a: (1) title slide, (2) the slides are numbered, (3) use the New Times Roman font type and the size of the font should be at your discretion: make sure that your font sizes are large enough so that the audience can see your fonts, and (4) use in-text citations where they are needed and make sure to have “References” slide. a. The written papers should have a title page with: Title, Student Names, Course Name, Date, and Instructor’s Name (Dr. Jimmie Warren—not Mr. Jimmie Warren).
4b. For all pages of your paper, the margins should be 1-inch.c. All sentences should be double-spaced (not multiple) and with the correct spacing between sentences and paragraphs. (To ensure this, click on the “Paragraph” tab on your MS Word document under the “Home” tab. In the section titled “Spacing”, the headings “before” and “after” both should be “0 pt”). d. The font face/style should be consistent throughout you papers: please use the Times New Roman font face with “12” font style. Make sure that your page numbers and headers are in this font face and type style. e. Make sure that pages are numbered in the upper right-hand corner and in the same font face and style in (d) above.f. An abstract is not required for the papers, unless your desire an abstract.g. Do not copy and paste charts that belong to another author into your paper or Power Point. If you need a chart, make up your own chart with the data you wish to display and if the data belongs to another author, properly cite it. If you use a chart, make sure that there is an explanation of what is in the chart and what the data in the chart means. 3. Writing Style and Sources: This is an area where quite a few students get into trouble. a. Your sentence structure should be clear, with clarity, and should be easy to read. You should be consistent with your “tense” (past tense, present tense, etc.). Do not use first person (I) or second person; use only third person. I am not interested in your opinions! State a fact that can be backed with a reference (properly formatted). You can state an opinion without using first person be simply referring to yourself of your team as “the author or the authors”. Now, you may or may not have many references, but you should have references. Also, a paragraph has between three to five sentences and the length of a sentence is no more than three lines long. Some paragraphs will go over the maximum of five sentences. This is ok. However, the standard is the three to five sentences per paragraph. In addition, any number nine or less is written in “word” form, not in number form (three instead of 3, eight instead of 8, etc.). Any number greater than nine should be written in “number form”. b. Do not use declarative sentences without a reference unless the statement is “common knowledge”. A declarative sentence is a sentence stated as a fact. If this is so, it must have a reference to back it up. You must understand the difference between statements that are “common knowledge” and statements that are not “common knowledge”. When in doubt about this issue, put a source (in-text citation). If you use a declarative sentence without a citation, follow that 5declarative sentence up with two to three sentences with a reference or references to back up your non-referenced declarative statement. c. Make sure that the sources you use within the body of your paper appear on the reference page. Please title your reference page as “References” and not “Bibliography” or “Works Cited”. The difference between the two is this: the reference page contains sources that you actually used within your paper where the bibliography page contains all of the sources that you used and did not use to help you research information to help you write your paper. d. Do not use colloquial or slang language (your everyday non-formal speech) in academic papers. Be careful to find the correct words to form your sentences; these are formal papers and should written as such. Do not use conversational language in academic papers. 4. Words of Encouragement: Do your readings and research and you should do ok to well on your papers. This means that your social life will have to be put on hold so that you can achieve the highest level of academic performance for these assignments. Peace!