What makes a system effective, reliable, and maintainable


The components of a system are interdependent; therefore, the design phase is not a series of clearly defined steps. Even though work may start in one area, it will typically involve working with several different elements at a time. For example, a decision to change a report format might require changes in data design or input screens.
The goal of systems design, however, is clear: to build a system that is effective, reliable, and maintainable. In your post, ensure you:

Discuss what makes a system effective, reliable, and maintainable.
Discuss how you evaluate if a system is effective, reliable, and maintainable.” 276 https://www.homeworkmarket.com/homework-answers?page=276

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What is the layout of the room?
What type of hardware and software will be used?
What type of server will house the forensic case data?
What type of data can be processed on the computers?

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