what’s the deadly illness striking everyone in this small town

Phenomenon: A deadly illness striking everyone in a small town. Theories: (1) Resurgence of smallpox, (2) poison in the drinking water, (3) a failure to think positively. 2. Phenomenon: A sudden and dramatic drop in the price of most corporate stocks. Theories: (1) Rumors of a recession, (2) manipulation of the stock market by one powerful stockholder, (3) particularly nasty weather on the East Coast. * 3. Phenomenon: Extraordinarily large humanlike footprints in the snow on a mountainside. Theories: (1) The legendary man-beast known as the Yeti, (2) falling rocks from the sky, (3) a very big human mountain climber. 4. Phenomenon: The construction of the Egyptian pyramids. Theories: (1) The work of clever Egyptian engineers and many slaves, (2) the work of Egyptians with the help of extraterrestrial beings, (3) the work not of the Egyptians but the ancient Romans. 5. Phenomenon: A large increase in the incidence of heart disease among middle-aged women. Theories: (1) The result of an increase in violence against women, (2) an increase in the amount of fat consumed by women over age forty-five, (3) an increase in the number of women who marry late in life. 6. Phenomenon: A peaceful march by hundreds of people in the streets of Washington, DC. Theories: (1) A group of activists protesting the killing of animals for food, (2) hundreds of people sleepwalking at the same time, (3) people going to a festival on the White House lawn.

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