wired or a Wireless LAN connection

A new warehouse storage service in Victoria, called VIC Warehouse Pty Ltd, has three locations at different suburbs which are Footscray (70 hosts), Ballarat (40 hosts) and Bundoora (20 hosts) with Headquarters (HQ) in Melbourne CBD to capture large number of customers in the area. The Footscray warehouse has four-separated building. These four buildings have 6, 14, 22 and 28 hosts respectively. The last building at Footscray is two storey buildings and the hosts are used by both marketing and finance departments in each level of the building. VICWarehouse Pty Ltd has consulted with your group to design a cost-effective intranet that fulfils its needs. Staff in all the branches and in HQ have access to the WLAN as well. There will be a need for separate VLANs supporting the users. Some of the employees may telecommute from their homes over the weekends. Each of the employees whether they are in company or telecommuting need to be connected with a secure connection over a wired or a Wireless LAN connection, whichever may be available. VICWarehouse gets a significant portion of their orders through their on-line ordering facilities. Web-based orders (online) get stored in their central file server(s), which is located in Melbourne, but should be accessible from any branch using appropriate networking technologies. The reliability of their file and web servers is of high importance. Furthermore, the servers need to be protected from malicious computer attacks and unauthorized access. Facility to carry out audit checks needs to be provided as well to so as to keep track of the exact activity along with the date and time at which an employee carried out a computer system based activity. The activity could include doing task(s) such as installation of new software, changes in Webpage etc. (You will need to demonstrate your assignment during laboratory class). Write a report based on the above network requirements, use the following structure to organise your report; and demonstrate switch and router configuration in week 11 laboratory class.