Women without Class”,

What is the general problem that Quinn identifies in her article on masculinity and sexual harassment to explain why sexual harassment occurs?
What two factors does Quinn isolate as contributing to the continuation of sexual harassment in professional and work institutions?
How does gender explain the changing demographics of the migration of Mexican workers to the US? What changed?

Why does Bettie, the author of “Women Without Class,” suggest that the young women she “hangs out” with are dissident feminists?
With reference to the NPR radio podcast, and Hollinbaugh’s article “Queers without Money” Explain why many in the US associate queer or gay persons with being wealthy.
Essay Questions:

Please choose 2 questions only (5 points each)

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Please remember to Cite all quotes from the texts!

Hondagneau-Sotelo describes domestic workers in the US and other countries as “pairs of arms” disembodied and dislocated from their families and communities. What is the author referring to, and what are the impacts of this status? Give at least two examples from the reading to support your answer.
Using the Socialist Feminist perspective, analyze how the large number of women entering the US workforce in recent decades and gendered attitudes towards household work shape the migration patterns of Mexicans.


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