write a literature review about an aspect of a Semantic Web technology that is used for making sense out of data.

Assessment Task 3: Literature Review
1. Introduction
For this assessed task you have to write a literature review about an aspect of a Semantic Web technology that is used for making sense out of data.
A literature review is a paper that summarises and synthesise recent research results in a domain of interest in a novel way, in our case the domain of interest is the Semantic Web and the underlying technologies.
2. Your Task
For your literature review, you can choose one of the following topics that is related to a Semantic Web technology:
• Open Information Extraction and the Semantic Web
• Knowledge Graph Construction
• RDF- and OWL-based Reasoning
• Ontologies for the Semantic Web
• Rule Languages and the Semantic Web
• Semantic Web Agents
• Social Networks and the Semantic Web
• eHealth and the Semantic Web
• Semantic Sensor Web
• Natural Language Processing Technologies for the Semantic Web
For this task you have to prepare a 1200 word literature review using four related research papers (published in a journal or a conference proceeding) of your choice that discuss a particular aspect of a Semantic Web technology. Google Scholar is a good starting point to find relevant research papers.
Your review will start with a newly written summary paragraph of each paper followed by a discussion that synthesises the papers. It is recommended that each summary paragraph will be about about 200 words in length; and the rest of the paper (400 words) is reserved for the synthesis (discussion).
Your literature review should start with a catchy title.
You must use your own words everywhere in the entire review, including the summary paragraphs.
The summary paragraphs should be written in the third person.
Your discussion must make your own opinion clear and should follow the four summary paragraphs.
It is acceptable to be 10% above or below the word limit (= 1200 words); references do not count toward the word limit.
You must use 12 point font, double space the text, and submit the text as a PDF file.
You must follow the ACM reference style and format.
3. Marking Criteria
This assignment is worth 30 marks (= 30%) in total. Marks will be allocated in the following way for this literature review:
• title (1 mark)
• summary paragraphs (8 marks)
• discussion (8 marks)
• adherence to the word limit (1 mark)
• presentation (6 marks)
• proper spelling (2 marks)
• consistent use and formatting of references (4 marks