Write a memo from the CEO setting up a meeting of William Light’s staff to discuss the organisations new budget.

Write a memo from the CEO setting up a meeting of William Light’s staff to discuss the organisations new budget.
Aptech P/L is an Australian IT company in the entertainment industry. Aptech is seeking new graduate staff in web design; app design; programming; cyber security and; network administration.
Submit the following 4 documents to the facilitator.
1. Write a job application letter nominating one of the above positions. The letter needs to summarise your skills and interests and convince the reader that your CV is worth reading and that you are a good candidate for the job.
Aptech’s address is 356 Technology St Adelaide and the person you need to address your application to is the HR Manager Ms Bessie Badbreath.
2. Write a response letter from Bessie to you which sets up an interview for the position. You need to specify the location, date and time and who will be interviewing you. Also that you need to bring your transcripts and work experience evidence.
3. Write a memo from Bessie to the Managers of each of the five project areas (first paragraph above) looking for staff setting up interview times with the selected candidates.
4. As the Manager for New Apps Development send Bessie an email confirming that you will attend the interview at the specified time.
Assume you are to prepare a short justification report for William Light Professional Education P/L asking for new computer technology. You are given the following instructions on the order of information to use in the report
• Use the first person
• Create a title
• Develop a series of headings
• Open by stating the proposed changes and then go straight into the current problems of computing software being inadequate for the size of the company. (introduction)
• Start the body of the report with some concrete examples of the advantages of the new software. Briefly explain the advantages. Present the problem of the existing system.
Place the conclusions and recommendations at the end of the report.
Follow the link below to read and review: Purdue OWL ‘Avoiding plagiarism’
• Write a short report not more than 100 words on ‘avoiding plagiarism in business writing’
Write an example of a reference from (a) the internet and (b) a paper journal using Harvard referencing https://www.adelaide.edu.au/writingcentre/docs/harvard-style-guide.pdf