Writing assignment – research paper

Part 1-

For Writing Assignment #5 you will be taking the research you’ve done on Writing Assignment #4 (Work Cited Page) and writing an essay which has two parts.  BEFORE you read about these two parts, please read our textbook Chapter12.pdf.

1.  Discuss your chosen career in terms of at least THREE criteria that you have formulated to determine whether the career is the right choice.  Remember that the criteria you’ve  chosen may have been salary and/or benefits, location, environment, part time vs. full time, education requirements and/or ongoing professional requirements.   And of course, you could have created and choosen your own criteria.  Hopefully you have two sources (articles, journals, etc.) for each of your criterion that you’ve researched for Writing Assignment #4 – Work Cited Page for a total of six sources.   This portion of your essay should be about three pages in length.

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2.  Argue whether or not, based on your research, this career is the right one for you. This portion of your essay should be approximately one to two pages in length.

In-text Parenthetical Citations:  You should have six direct quotes and/or paraphrases from your six sources (at least one from each source). Each of these direct quotes and/or paraphrases need to have an in-text parenthetical citation referencing the author’s last name and/or page number.

Length:  Total length of this Research Paper should be 4-5 pages.

Part 2-

Post the  introduction of your research paper in order to help your classmates compare and contrast their own introductory writing.  Your introduction should end with your thesis and be about one page in length.   Your thesis should list out the three criteria you will be focusing on.    Telling and illustrating a story focusing on why you’ve chosen this career may be the best strategy to write your introduction. 

Part 3-

Activity:  Adding In-Text Citations to Your Quotes from the Week 4 Activity

Step 1: Watch this video again to  refresh  your understanding of using in-text citations:

Link on how to use in-text citations(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQ8fy7SPotM#action=share)

and reread Quote Sandwich

Step 2:  Find the activity you completed from Week 4.  You should have a Word doc with at least six quotes you plan on using for your Research paper.

Step 3: Sandwich your six quotes and insert in-text citations for each.