You will create visual argument that stems from a piece of literature and then write a justification for your argument comparing your own argument against an argument found within the reading. This image needs to be created from a collage or photography, it cannot be a pencil drawing. You can respond to any of our readings throughout this semester that are found on the syllabus. Just a reminder if your paper is less than the required word count, the highest grade you can receive is a 60.

Word Count: 1000 words
Due Date: 4/30

An A paper will include all of the following things:
A clear, argument-driven thesis that shows understanding of the concepts we discussed in class.
Professional and appropriate language.
Evidence that the paper has been carefully revised (i.e.: little or no grammatical errors, stylistic issues, appropriate word choice and a clear thesis).
An organized, logical structure.
Transitioning topic sentences.
Paragraphs that are united by a single, big idea.
Evidence that the student understands their argument through the use of source material (I.E. the use of quotes to establish your argument is necessary).
Story: The Speckled Band by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Note from Professor and question to think about:
Why does Roylott act the way he does when he comes to Sherlock Holmes’ house?
How does karma work in this particular story?
I will send a link of the story
No wikipedia allowed, a note my professor who hates wikipedia.
I will create a google doc so that we can share and I can view it, work on the essay in there.
Send each finished paragraph and send the introductory by Saturday at 3:00 pm.
If another paragraph or 2 are needed, i will notify.

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