your own organisation’s senior managers



Part B (AC3.1, 4.1) (2500 words)

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Based on the group work you have been involved in for Part A, and your own research, compile a report for your own organisation’s senior managers (or for another organisation you are familiar with or been involved with) setting out the case for your organisation adopting the concept of employee health and wellbeing, with recommendations for a health and wellbeing programme.  

Your report should:

a. Set out and compare the differences between primary and secondary sources you have used and justify your use of these sources, and the validity and reliability of the data you have researched as an individual or as part of the group activity

b. Identify who the main stakeholders are that you are addressing the report to and analyse their interest and influence in the area being investigated.

c. Using an appropriate mix of diagrammatic and narrative formats,  draw conclusions from your own and the group research and make recommendations to the stakeholders you have identified. Justify your conclusions and recommendations by reference to the data analysis you have undertaken

d. Compile a health and wellbeing programme/plan for your organisation as part of your recommendations. 

You should refer to relevant theory and apply theoretical models. You must indicate in the reference list/bibliography what sources were your own contribution to your report and which came from the group activity.

You can draw upon the research conducted during the group activity but you must also show that you have been able to research further on your own and provide evidence of doing this.


To stay within the word count requirements, you will not be able to provide as much detail as you would realistically be expected for a report of this nature. What you are expected to do is produce an abridged report that could be expanded to a full version. To help you achieve this, you should work within the template boxes below, which provides specific guidance on each requirement.


Title page and Executive Summary. (AC4.1) (approx 150 words)


Introduction and theoretical context. (AC4.1) Provide an outline of what you would include here in a full report. This may be presented as a series of bullet points/statements as long as it is clear how these can be expanded to a full version. (approx 200 words)


A stakeholder analysis. (AC4.1) Provide a summary stakeholder analysis – identify level of interest and influence on the project (approx 200 words)


Research methodology – justification for primary and secondary methods. (AC4.1) Include two tables: Table 1 – Primary methods (method/justification for using) Table 2 – Secondary methods (method/justification for using) Construct Table 1 based on a scenario where you would actually conduct the research even though you will not be doing this. Your analysis in task 5 below will be based entirely upon secondary methods/sources. (approx 200 words)


Data analysis – findings from the research – including diagrams. (AC4.1) This will be based entirely on secondary research. This section should be written in full, drawing upon the group research, but you should also build on this with your own research. You should include 2 – 3 graphical representation of data, (approx 1000 words)


Conclusions. (AC3.1) Guidance: These can be listed as bullet points – but you should include brief comments on your level of confidence in each conclusion. Ensure that all conclusions can be cross-mapped to the analysis. (approx 200 words)


Recommendations and employee health and well-being programme/plan – including costs. (AC3.1) Recommendations: these can be listed as bullet points/statements Plan: with timeline, who responsible, costs (approx 350 words)


ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Please also comment on how you will transfer the new knowledge and skills gained during this assignment into working practices. You may also use this reflection for your CPD. (approx 200 words)

You should also include 3-5 references from up to date and relevant sources in order to support your findings.

(CIPD NAB IHR104001 (18)  Ex 09/20)