Your paper should have the following

Your paper should have the following:
–a clear research question (which subculture you are going to research and/or any specific questions you would like to raise for your paper, but you can keep it general if you wish).
–Why did you picked this subculture?
–How did you research this subculture for your paper? Did you talk to them? Did you go to events? Did you go to relevant shops? Did you watch some/several YouTube clips? Did you refer to their websites or publications? — You need to be very specific here. The deeper your research is (using multiple methods), the better your grade will be. However, I understand if your research was limited to online due to the virus outbreak.
–What did you find from your research ?What are their values, norms, and beliefs? How do they define their “authentic members”? Is it based on their race, class, gender or something else? Were there any elements of resistance, deviance, rebellion, that used to be found in the older subcultures? Also discuss their external appearance.
–Why would you call them a subculture?  How are they different from the mainstream culture? What are some of the things they do that the mainstream society does not do?
— Include your final thoughts in the conclusion and discuss how you would continue this research further if you were to do in-depth research after the coronavirus settles.
— At the end, include references/bibliography (make sure to cite in the content of your paper)
–Add just a few images (if you include too many, it would take me ages to download and open your file so just a couple of images are fine)
–the length of your paper 1200-1600 words (double-spaced) just for the content, excluding references/bibliography and images.
-As the course title includes a word “Fashion”, I want you to pick a topic/subculture that has a distinct look/appearance for your research paper which you will be submitting at the end.  
Rastafarian Subculture
HERE ARE SOME OF MY NOTES AND DISCUSSIONS FROM CLASS TALKING ABOUT MY SUBCULTURE  (i live in NY and I’ve visited Jamaican numerous times. I have family that lives out there. Also my boyfriend and his family are Rastas. I would like to use some of these facts in my paper to help with my research methods
-Marcus Garvey, sparked the Rastafarianarian subculture
-They don’t follow a  formal church or (dagma) religion
-You have to believe that halle  selassie was one of a long line of prophets (Rastafarians follow the word of selassie)
-They believe in everything natural
-There vegans because they want to stay healthy and stay close to the earth.. they usually eat Ital
Rasta is different from the mainstream because it does not stick with familiarity.
Rastafarian Style:
-Jamaican grunge
-Inspired by African culture but with a street flare to it
-Women wear a lot of African prints, handmade wraps and skirts
-Big part of their looks is jewelry.. beads, leathers goods, and sandals
-Men wear a lot of Graphic ts with lion because it represent the king of jungle and in their photos many men will have there hand facing down but in front as it is the paw is the strength of the man
-The men wore plalatzo pants with aztec prints, African prints
Sometimes with basic t shirt and a vest over it
-Lion paw
-Fishnets tank-tops (red cello green)
selassie bon fire.. prayer ritual
Rastafari group “Bad Brains”
Small photo of selassie and Rastafarians
The funny thing about a Rastafarian is you might not know they are a Rastafarian unless they tell you
-im very interested in are the Rastafarians. I have always found their way of  life very interesting and I actually know a few Rasta people myself. Diving deeper into their way of life I find it super interesting in the way the think. How their speech echos their protest against oppression and authority. I also find fascinating their locs  and how they are negatively view in our society yet it doesn’t effect how they view themselves or the meaning behind them. As far as their style they dress very relaxed and usually wear fabrics that come from their homeland or a Caribbean island.
-Since the 1930s Rastafarians have grown in its congregation and are geographically located across the world. From the clothes they wear, their hairstyles and the diet in which they follow all have had a significant impact on the authenticity of Rastafarian life. 
-Rastafarians are the ultimate Freedom fighters of sexism, racism, classism, colonialism, and cultural misinformation. Therefore they do not not judge its members based on age, gender, or social status. Rather real authenticity of Rastafarians are based on specific interpretation of the bible as well as following the words of Selassie. This came to be when Marcus Garvey, a Jamaican Activist who created one of the first black nationalist movements prophesied, “look to Africa where a black king shall be crowned, he shall be the redeemer” That king was Haile Selassie.


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