One week after the therapeutic program has been implemented each CYC student will submit an individual critical analysis of their therapeutic program.
Analysis must be 6-8 pages (double spaced, not including title page, reference page)
Discuss the following in relation to your therapeutic program
1. Explain how your therapeutic program met (or did not meet & why) the 4 “Elements of Sexual Health Education” (as found in: Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education pg 14-17). (Links to an external site.) Address each elements from Guidelines..  https://www.canada.ca/content/dam/phac-aspc/migration/phac-aspc/publicat/cgshe-ldnemss/pdf/guidelines-eng.pdf.
2. Explain how your program does/does not address each element of the  “PLISSIT” model (as found in: PLISSIT Reading from Sexual Problems of Adolescents in Insitutions.pdfPreview the document ). Address each element of model with direct references to the reading and your therapeutic program. (P=Permission, LI=Limited Information, SS=Specific Suggestions, IT=Intensive Therapy)
3. Assess your own role as a Child and Youth Care professional facilitator.
Provide specific/concrete examples from the program to support your statements.
Refer to and include points relating to Human Sexuality in a World of Diversity 5th or 6th edition in completing this analysis-use Chapter 15 Sexual Health Education to reference your role.
Reference all content in relation to your topic area.
Refer to Hints for writing your Therapeutic Program Critical Evaluation Paper to help you understand the critical analysis concept and organize this paper.
Formatting and Submitting
(assessment related to this is included in Mechanics section on rubric)
Typed in 12 point Times New Roman font
Double spaced
Follow APA format i.e. title page, formatting, referencing
Assignment must be submitted in one of the following file format(s):
MS Word (.doc, .docx)
Submit your work in ‘Assignments’
Double check your submission to be sure it is the right assignment, that it can be opened, etc.
Reference your work.  All referencing needs to be in APA format.
Refer to OWL Purdue online Writing Lab for In-text Citations and Reference Lists examples. http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01 (Links to an external site.)/


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