Estimate 3

Critically examine the current research and literature regarding a specific problem or concern that affects older adults and/or their families. Examples of social issues would be like, “elder abuse and neglect, financial exploitation, dementia/Alzheimer’s disease, medication misuse/noncompliance, arthritis pain, grandparenting, social isolation, depression, transportation/driving cessation, diabetes.”  Topic should be approved by the instructor before conducting your review of literature.  Be sure to address the following issues:
1)      Describe the problem and its characteristics as specifically as possible;
2)      Estimate the prevalence of the problem, and indicate any gender, ethnic, or class differences in its prevalence and presentation;
3)      Consider the impact of the problem, identify likely contributing, mediating, and moderating factors. Indicate which individuals or groups are most likely to be affected, and why.  Critically evaluate evidence for and against your claims;
4)      Identify unresolved issues or gaps in existing knowledge regarding this problem (e.g., ethical issues, legal issues, societal attitudes, etc.);
5)      Identify practice and policy implications related to this problem and/or its effects.
Structure your paper to answer all of these points and your proofread paper should consist of 5 ~ 7 pages (excluding the title page and reference) AND be written using APA style.


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