5Proposal for a Specialized

Proposal for a Specialized Group Students will develop a plan for a specialized group, one that addresses the needs of a population-at-risk, e. g., children in foster care, a court-mandated substance abuse treatment group for adolescent mothers, victims of domestic violence, etc. (Students are asked to clarify their choice with the professor before proceeding with the assignment). Guided by a brief literature review (3-4 articles from the professional literature), students will develop a plan for establishing and conducting a group. Suggested outline: Include a brief review of the literature. Include one or two paragraphs that provide an overview of group work with your chosen population.
Address the following: Clarify whether the literature suggests a didactic, interactive, supportive approach or a combination of the above. Are specific interventions/techniques suggested or are they believed not useful/to be avoided? Are there any recommendations for the size of the group? Does the literature anticipate dynamics specific to the group? What are the demands placed on the worker? What ethical or value issues should the worker consider? Develop a plan/proposal for a group. Include the following: Goals and Objectives: The primary focus of the group and the purpose/objectives of the group. Clarify how these advance the concerns of the population-at-risk.
Composition: Who will comprise the group? What needs will be fulfilled by the group? How many group members will be selected? Is there an ideal number suggested for this type of group? How will you prepare group members? Will members be interviewed individually prior to joining the group? What will members be told about the group; and how will they be informed? Who will lead the group? What kind of expertise (knowledge and skill) required to lead this kind of group? Are there any value or ethical considerations you should consider during this process? Discuss.


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