Biber Carter and McCarthy linguistic proposals on everyday talk

This is a paper that is focusing on the Biber Carter and McCarthy linguistic proposals on everyday talk. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below is the assessment description to follow:

Biber Carter and McCarthy linguistic proposals on everyday talk

Question In recent years, linguists like Biber (1999) and Carter and McCarthy (2006), proposed that everyday talk is far from being chaotic and disorganized. Discuss the structure and function of talk drawing on the works of Bakhtin (1986); Malinowski (1923); Austin (1962) and Bordieu (1992) to identify the rules guiding everyday talk. Illustrate using examples from the works of Schegloff and Sacks (1973) and Goffman (1967). Areas of Discussion Areas of discussing the TMA’s topic are related to U214B Course Book 2, and specifically Unit 1. Important Guidelines Discussing the TMA’s subject matter has to draw on the following ideas: Characteristics of everyday talk (5 pts) The structure and function of talk (5 pts) Examples on particular language practices (5 pts) Social rules of talk bringing predictable structures in relation to function (5pts)

N.B. Students need to read in depth Unit 1 and also think about the TMA questions as they read. Students need to take notes on the social perspectives on everyday talk. When writing, students need to pay attention to structure, layout and correct language and use appropriate referencing and citation.
Please note that, in addition to the textbook materials, students are strongly recommended to consult two or more of the following references: Recommended Bibliography Austin, L. (1962). How to do Things with Words. Oxford. Oxford University Press. Bourdieu, P. (1992 [1975]). Language and Symbolic Power. Cambridge. Polity Press. Cameron, D. (2007). The Myth of Mars and Venus. Oxford. Oxford University Press. Coates, J. (2003) Men Talk: Stories in the Making of Masculinities. Oxford. Blackwell. Drew, P. and Heritage, J. (eds.) (1992). Talk at Work. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press.

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