7COM1069 Cyber Operations

Assignment Brief:

This is an individual assessment comprised of three tasks. Task 1 and 2 carry 25% respectively and task 3 carries 45% of the overall portfolio mark. 5% is allocated to the overall conclusion of the portfolio. Task 1 will assess your understanding of making decisions in the modern information environment. Task 2 will assess your understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of computer security and operations. Task 3 will assess your understanding of advanced principles in computer security from a systems perspective. All tasks are small academic reports and as such the following report structure is expected for each milestone report:

1. Introduction, where you will discuss your plan for solving the problem introduced by the module team

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2. Main Body, where you will develop your arguments

3. Conclusions, where you will critically discuss your findings

4. References, aim for an average of 20 references (yes, 20 for each task! Not task 3)

5. Appendixes

You are expected to demonstrate an insight into the implications of the problem introduced in each task by using clear and concise arguments. You will receive formative feedback as part of the module to demonstrate how to be concise in your written work. Please ensure, in completing these tasks you deploy the techniques you have been taught. If you produce work that is not concise and to the point, then marks may be reduced. The reports should be well written (and word-processed), showing good skills in creativity and design. Sentences should be of an appropriate length and the writing style should be brief but informative. During the teaching weeks you will have the opportunity to submit draft copies of your portfolio activities. The module team will provide feedback based on your draft copies and advice regarding your progress (if it is deemed necessary). The deadline for the complete Portfolio is the 19.12.2019.

Task 1 – Clausewitz fog of war in the modern enterprise information environment

Task 1 is weighted at 25% of the overall portfolio mark. It should take you approximately 10 hours to complete. It is expected that the report for this task of the portfolio will be in the region of 1000 words. You are required to expand on the title and develop your arguments to clearly state why there is so much uncertainty in decision making for cyber security and how to overcome it. The deadline for the DRAFT Task 1 is on week 12 by electronic submission via Canvas. The module team will then provide general formative feedback, allowing you the opportunity to reflect on your activities and improve your work where necessary. The final copy of Task 1 should be included in the final Portfolio. Although there are no allocated marks for references and bibliography you are expected to use appropriate peer reviewed sources for developing your arguments, and the Harvard referencing style as per the University regulations.

Task 1, Assessment Criteria Mark Available Fog of war discussion 5 Information environment discussion 5 Decision making for cyber (friction issues?) Critical discussion (your justified & supported opinion)