A 2m3 tank is at 292 K and 0.1 MPa and it is desired to pressurize the tank to 3 MPa. The gas is available from an infinite supply at 350 K and 5 MPa connected to the tank via a throttle valve. Assume that the gas follows the ideal gas law with a constant heat capacity of CP = 29 J/(mol-K).

(a) Modeling the pressurization as adiabatic, what is the final temperature in the tank and the final number of moles when the pressure equals 3 MPa?

(b) Identify factors included in the idealized calculation of part (a) that contribute to irreversibilities.

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(c) Identify factors neglected in the analysis of part (a) that would contribute to irreversibilities in a real process.

(d) If the pressurization could be performed reversibly, the final temperature might be different from that found in part (a). Clearly outline a procedure to calculate the temperature indicating that enough equations are provided for all unknowns. Also clearly state how you would use the equations. Additional equipment is permissible provided that the process remains adiabatic with regard to heat transfer to the surroundings.

(e) In part (d), would work be added, removed, or not involved in making the process reversible? Provide equations to calculate the work interaction.