A thermodynamically interesting problem is to analyze the fundamentals behind the product called “fix-a-flat.” In reality, this product is a 500 mL can that contains a volatile compound under pressure, such that most of it is liquid. Nevertheless, we can make an initial approximation of this process by treating the contents of the can as an ideal gas. If the initial temperature of both the compressed air and the air in the tire is 300 K, estimate the initial pressure in the compressed air can necessary to reinflate one tire from 1 bar to 3 bar. Also, estimate the final air temperature in the tire and in the can. For the purposes of this calculation you may assume: air is an ideal gas with CP / R = 7/2, the tire does not change its size or shape during the inflation process, and the inner tube of the tire has a volume of 40,000 cm3. We will reconsider this problem with liquid contents, after discussing phase equilibrium in a pure fluid.