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STG-390 WK2 DQ2

SYM-408 WK3 DQ2. 150 WORDS OR MORE Discuss techniques for storing JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) documents in the database engine in relation to the corresponding techniques for XML. REPLIES. 75 WORDS OR MORE A Trevor Stoutt A technique for storing JSON in the database engine is to use a NoSQL database, such as MongoDB, that […]

designing a digital media presentation

Assignment 7 Symposium  Promote all central and marginalized stakeholders’ involvement by designing a digital media presentation (CAEP A.1.1;).  · First, develop a plan for how knowledge about the implementation plan will be shared and disseminated with others. · Next, consider which technology platform you will use to generate your presentation (CAEP A.1.1.1;). · Create the presentation making sure […]

positive and negative impacts of globalization

Instructions: 1. Read the articles provided in the Reading and Multimedia section and perform a search on the positive and negative impacts of globalization. 2. Write an essay that includes the following: · What is globalization · Positive impacts of globalization · Negative impacts of globalization · How can the negative impact of globalization be […]

care-based ethics and rights theory in offer moral remedies

Both care-based ethics and rights theory offer moral remedies for pressing societal problems, including drug addiction, lack of access to healthcare, and poverty. However, they approach the problems from different angles. Relationships and ties between individuals are prioritized in care-based ethics, and the significance of caring for others is emphasized. Care-based ethics strongly emphasize helping […]

International Business

General Instructions – PLEASE READ THEM CAREFULLY · The Assignment must be submitted on Blackboard ( WORD format only) via allocated folder. · Assignments submitted through email will not be accepted. · Students are advised to make their work clear and well presented, marks may be reduced for poor presentation. This includes filling your information on […]