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Activity 1- Project Risks

Problem Set #1 #1 Back to basics to start this course: Define project. What are the five project process areas – give a short explanation of each. What are the ten project knowledge areas – give a short explanation of each. Define Project Risk – list the major processes related to project risk – explain […]

3 Page The Crime Scene Management

 3 pg doc Explain why it is important to secure the crime scene and provide examples. Identify possible ways that evidence might be contaminated. Identify different methods that might be necessary to document evidence at a crime scene. Identify different collection methods that might be used at a crime scene. Explain chain of custody and […]

Case Study 1- Strategy Applied In Project Management

Read the Case ” A Day in the Life” at the end of  chapter 1 and response to the following questions: Rachel, the project manager of a large information systems project, arrives at her office early to get caught up with work before her co-workers and project team arrive. However, as she enters the office she meets Neil, one […]

The Memphis Economy

1. The book talks about two types of agglomerative economics: localization and urbanization economics. For a restaurant in Overton Square, would that location be a benefit primarily because of localization or urbanization economics. 2. One of the reasons for agglomerative economies is reduced search cost. Please provide two examples of businesses or other institutions in […]

Evidence Based Practice

March 21, 2010, was not EBP’s date of birth, but it may be the date the approach “grew up” and left home to take on the world. When the Affordable Care Act was passed, it came with a requirement of empirical evidence. Research on EBP increased significantly. Application of EBP spread to allied health professions, […]