Billboard and Storyboard



Billboards are a great medium to explore the blending technique. Please create a billboard for Volvo.
Create a storyboard for a Corona :15 TVspot

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Brand promise: Volvo = Safety
Audience:Affluent parents of young families
Use blendingas your primary concepting technique(see lecture 5 for more details.
As always, you can just sketch them or use design software, whichever you prefer.
If you want, use the physical structure of the billboard as part of the creative idea. (see examples in link below.)
Make sure they are on-strategy, original, unexpected and emotionally true.
Keep them SIMPLE!Billboards, by their nature, must be as simple as possible.
Some inspiration: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
PART #2 Corona TV commercial
Assignment: Create a storyboard for a Corona :15 TVspot
NOTE: Please follow the basic format of Corona’s existing campaign
Audience: Millennial and Gen X beer drinkers
Brand promise: Find your beach. 
2/27/2021 Order 337783069 3/4
EMOTIONAL TRUTH: Drinking Corona is a relaxing escape from daily pressures.
Creative direction for all:
USe bending through the use of cultural or category tensions or painful honesty. OR,use blending (combining
unrelated things in new ways). OR, a combination
Also, keep it SIMPLE!
Questions to ask yourself:
What things in the culture/modern life prevent you from relaxing and tuning out?
What tensions exist around the whole concept of “getting away”
What tensions exist around beer advertising in general?
What are some beach metaphors and/or metaphors of daily busy life that can be combined?
Creative Inspiration: (Links to an external site.)


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