Briefly describe the image you are analyzing Describe the medium & genre Who produced it?


The assignment is about the Conversational Framework in relation to your chosen curriculum or program, but before you explain how you’ll use CF in your program, you need to explain the frameworkitself,andbeforeexplainingtheframework,youneedtotalkabitaboutthetheoriesof learning that inform that framework. In other words, similar to the introduction, the body moves from general to specific, as shown below. The diagram follows the instructions on page 11 of the unitguidewhichprovideyouwithastructureforthediscussion.

It is expected that you will use good quality sources and look at several views or perspectives. Summarising the theories, principles and framework, or describing what your program consists of, doesn’t constitute a discussion in itself. A discussion needs to include a bit of that but also needs to explore the relationships between different concepts and perspectives. In this case, also, keep in mind that you need to apply the framework to your program. The CF, theories and principles are general and used in many disciplines. They were not developed exclusively for nursing or for your program; they can be found in books and non‐nursing journals. So simply summarising them and discussingthemingeneralwillnotshowyourknowledgeandabilitytousethisknowledgeinnursing programs. So make sure you explain the relationship between CF and your program, the reasons why you’re staging the concepts or tasks in your program in the particular sequence and chosen way. How can you explain your thinking behind the design of this program in terms of the ConversationalFramework?Usesourcestosupportanysignificantchoices.

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Visual Analysis Writing Assignment Guidelines: The first step in writing this essay is to analyze and examine the rhetoric of the visual medium. This essay will be form 2 1/2 – 3 pages, typed and double-spaced with 1” margins, in proper MLA formatting. Briefly describe the image you are analyzing Describe the medium & genre Who produced it? When/where did it first appear? Make a claim about the image Analyze the image’s context (the bigger picture/history/events surrounding the image) Analyze the text of the image (the different parts of the image, including any written text) Build a strong conclusion=kXYiU_JCYtU link of video to be analyze