Chicano 111 exam | Social Science homework help

1. Who is the only Mexican-American actor to win two Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor.

2. The following words: ahuacatl, tocayotl, chilli, and tahtli are all examples of what ancient Mexican language?

3. Playwright __________________ is considered to be the father of Chicano Theater.

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4. According to the article “El Movimiento Chicano: The Art of Revolution,” In 1969, Luis Valdez made an 18 minute film version of what epic poem?

5. What Chicano theater professor and critic interviewed Luis Valdez in Necessary Theater?

6. What was the first and only Chicano play to be produced on Broadway?

7. In the article “Hollywood Blind About Diversity,” which columnist/writer sarcastically suggests that there should be quotas for Oscar nominations so as to make it fair for minorities? A)Anderson Cooper B)Richard Corliss C)Ruben Navarrete

8. According to Jorge Huerta states in the reading “Chicano Drama Performance, Society and Myth” he states that Luis Valdez

worked with what theater company before establishing El Teatro Campesino?

9. True or False: The word pocho has the same meaning as Mexican-American.

10. Poet Alurista wrote the preamble _______________, during the Chicano Movement and it is often called a poem.

11. True or False: Actos are three act plays that revolve around Chicana issues.

12. The one man show, Gaytino!, was written and performed by ________________.

13. What is the name of the movie made in 1956 that starred Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson that depicted the discrimination

against Mexicans in Texas? _________________

14. Mexican silent film actor ________________ starred in the original versio of the movie Ben-Hur.

15. What was the name of the teleplay that had a lead character by the name of Ms. Jimenez? ____________________.

16. Carpa theater is a form of entertainment that originated in what country? A)U.S B)Guatemala C)Mexico D)Argentina

17. The Nahuatl word xochicuicatl, which means flower and song, is a metaphor for the _________________.

18. The word Chicano simply means an ___________________ descent.

19. What Chicano activist turned filmmaker produce the movie Selena? ___________________.

20. The Chicano Renaissance refers to the flourishing of Chicano artistic expression that began what decade) A)1960’s

B) 1970s C)1940s

21. Actress/playwright Josefina Lopez wrote the play ___________________ that in 2002, was made into the movie Real Women Have Curves.

22. El Teatro Campesino was founded in what year? ____________________

23. What “acto” from the teleplay Corridos: Tales of Passion and Revolution, shown in class, deals with the theme of incest?


24. The character ___________________ created by the Fritolay Corporation in 1967′ depicted the stereotype of a Mexican as “unshaven, sneaky and leering” and started the Chicano media reform.

25. According to Chon Noriega’s article “History of Chicano Cinema’s Rise Told For [the] First Time….” States that the filmed versions of ___________________ by Luis Valdez and ___________________ by Sylvia Morales opened and closed the first decade of Chicano cinema.