Climate change




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1. Hook: to catch the reader�s attention: could be either:
a. A famous quote
b. A statistic
c. A short anecdote (small story)
d. A question
e. An interesting fact or observation

2. Connecting Information: 3 � 5 sentences PRESENTING THE PROBLEM (say what the problem is and what is it causing)
a. Don�t mention any SOLUTIONS here
b. Pretend your reader has no idea about your topic

3. Thesis Statement: it is your main idea for the WHOLE ESSAY:
a. Example: This essay will discuss/tackle/look into the issue of traffic by presenting two possible solutions for it.

2- Evidence: How do we know climate change is real?

3- Causes: why is climate change happening?

4- Effects: what are the effects of climate change?

5- Solutions: what is being done to solve climate change?


1. Summary: summarize the main solutions of your essay (no details or examples and no new information)

2. Opinion: which solution in your opinion is better and why
3. Final comment: make a suggestion, a prediction, or a recommendation

Your essay should be between 4 to 5 pages (the size of your text should be 12).

Don�t forget to add your references at the end of the essay.


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